by Lily Alice, February 14, 2024

The upcoming thriller K-drama The Impossible Heir dropped its main poster and trailer.  

The Impossible Heir tells the story of people of the low class aiming to acquire the throne of the wealthiest conglomerate in South Korea. The characters are driven by the desire to reach the pinnacle.

The main poster depicts the intense gazes and unwavering determination of Han Tae Oh (Lee Jae Wook), Kang In Ha (Lee Jun Young), Na Hye Won (Hong Su Zu), to confront Kang Jung Mo (Choi Jin Ho), chairman of Kang Oh Group, one of the top business groups in Korea.  

Their firm resolve as they gaze upon him exudes palpable tension. Moreover, the text on the poster, "We'll show what we're capable of," ignites curiosity about the tactics they will undertake to fulfil their desires. 

The main trailer grips viewers with its fast-paced narrative. From Han Tae Oh, the son of a murderer who yearns to break free from his dark past to Kang In Ha, the illegitimate child of the chairman of a conglomerate family, desperate for recognition, and Na Hye Won, the daughter of a debtor who dreams of climbing to the top, the trio form an alliance to plot a rebellion to get out of the dark reality that surrounds them.

The Impossible Heir is set to premiere worldwide exclusively on Disney+ on February 28. Watch the trailer here.