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Favourite Asian Drama Couple 2023
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ptw jbls + kbls not on viki

since most jbls and kbls are on the shorter side and i can easily binge-watch 2-3 dramas on the same day, i've decided to compile them on this listonly the ones i haven't watched it yet, obviously

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When I finish a drama , it feels like an accomplishments for me and writing a review , rating it and talking about it is so fun thing for me to do, I hope I get salary doing this, maybe I'll be rich by now, so I record every drama's I finish on my phone and in everywhere I may able to like when I see it, I will be proud that this is what I accomplished for the entire year ! sounds absurd to other people but, tell me if you cannot relate with what I am saying LOL. So yeah since Mydramalist cannot record my watching accomplishment for a year or in a month with the way I want it FOR NOW, ( I hope as this platform evolves, there will be an option like that ) I will record my accomplishments as a list so lets' Go !

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TOP *chef kiss* DRAMAS

Dramas that I would recommend to my worst enemy to have a least some good taste.

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fav dramas

no particular order

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thai, taiwanese, chinese, japanese, korean, movies, short films, reality shows

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