by Lily Alice, February 15, 2024

Netflix has confirmed the release of Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim You Jung and Ahn Jae Hong's upcoming comedy K-drama Chicken Nugget for March 15. 

Chicken Nugget is a mystery comedy drama about Choi Seon Man (Ryu Seung Ryong), a father trying to bring back his daughter Choi Min Ah (Kim You Jung), who has mysteriously turned into a chicken nugget after she entered a strange machine. 

Helmed by Extreme Job director Lee Byung Hun, the K-drama promises rib-tickling humor, a trademark of Lee's productions. What also has viewers excited is the delightful chemistry between Ryu Seung Ryong and Ahn Jae Hong.

Moving actor Ryu Seung Ryong plays Choi Seon Man, the man struggling to bring back his daughter after she turned into a chicken nugget.  

Fight for My Way actor Ahn Jae Hong takes on the role of Ko Baek Joong, an intern who has a crush on Min Ah. 

My Demon actress Kim You Jung appears as Choi Min Ah, who suddenly turns into a chicken nugget overnight. Jung Ho Yeon makes a special appearance as Hong Cha, Korea's top taste columnist.

The teaser poster captures the astonishment of Choi Seon Man and Ko Baek Joong as they gaze at a chicken nugget, which is presumed to be Choi Min Ah. They carefully touch it, fearing it would fall apart. The text reads, "A Crispy Fried Comedy Fresh out of the Fryer."

The teaser shows Min Ah entering a mysterious purple machine and soon turning into a chicken nugget.  Seon Man and Baek Joong stand shocked. 

In response to Baek Joong's statement, "This is not a dream. We have to stay sharp!" Seon Man pinches Baek Joong's cheek instead of his own, evoking laughter. The somewhat sloppy and eccentric duo leaves one wondering if they can indeed bring back Min Ah.

The struggles of Baek Joong, who shouts, "Bring the chicken nugget back to life!" and Seon Man, who affirmingly says, "Min Ah! Dad is coming!" raise anticipation for the comedy K-drama.

Chicken Nugget will premiere on March 15, exclusively on Netflix. Watch the teaser here