by Lily Alice, February 15, 2024

Na In Woo plans to go on the reward vacation for the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband to Vietnam for five days starting from March 10.  

Although the actor is scheduled to enlist in the military this year, he is planning to go on the reward vacation to share the joy of the K-drama's success with the cast and staff. A representative from Na In Woo's side told Star News, "We are planning to seek permission from the Military Manpower Administration and get him on the reward vacation."

Born in 1994, Na In Woo turns 30 this year and has not completed military service. While he has yet to get his enlistment notice, he plans to apply for permission to travel abroad to the Military Manpower Administration to go on the reward vacation.

As per the Military Service Act of South Korea, men over 25 who have not completed military service must obtain permission from the Commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration to travel abroad.

Park Min Young has been confirmed to go on the reward vacation, and Na In Woo has expressed his intention to join. Lee Yi KyungSong Ha Yoon, and Choi Gyu Ri are also adjusting their schedules. However, Kwon BoA's commitments have made it difficult for her to go on the reward vacation. 

Marry My Husband is scheduled to air episodes 15 and 16 on February 19 and 20, respectively. The K-drama is available to stream on Prime Video.