by Lily Alice, February 15, 2024

MBC dropped the first set of stills from Chief Detective 1958 featuring actor Lee Je Hoon. 

Set in an era of chaos, Chief Detective 1958 tells the story of Detective Park Young Han, who, unable to see human dignity being trampled upon, joins forces with three colleagues to shatter the corrupt authority.

Chief Detective 1958 is a prequel to Chief Inspector. The K-drama takes place in 1958 when Detective Park Young Han (Lee Je Hoon) was appointed to Seoul.

It was a time when crimes were solved using insight and perseverance, without profiling or CCTV evidence

The character of Park Young Han was previously portrayed by beloved actor Choi Bool AmNow, viewers anticipate actor Lee Je Hoon's performance, who will bring to life the dynamic character of Park Young Han in Chief Detective 1958

The character stills featuring Lee Je Hoon give a glimpse of the young and passionate Park Young Han. In 1958 Seoul, when one could see both ox carts and cars on the roads, Park Young Han arrives with only a bag in hand. His expression as he stands in front of the Jongnam Police Station betrays passion.

Despite his somewhat shabby appearance, he is a top-notch detective who has the highest rate of arresting cattle thieves. He works with the same zeal and passion in Seoul, where both big and small crimes incomparable to what he dealt with in his hometown, Hwangcheon, take place.

Even in situations so dangerous that he pulls out a pistol, his composure and unwavering determination to pursue criminals showcase why he is known as the "unrivalled" detective. In an era where justice is crumbling, what feats will Detective Park Young Han, with his strength and passion, achieve?

The production team of Chief Detective 1958 urged viewers to anticipate Lee Je Hoon's performance as the young Park Young Han. 

Chief Detective 1958 will premiere on April 19.