Deng Wei ->(邓为)//Date Of Birth: 26 February 1995//Place Of Birth: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China//

Graduated from The Dance Drama Department of the Central Academy Of Drama//Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Nationality: Chinese, China//Height: 183cm (1.83m or 6 feet)//Weight: 63 kg//Zodiac Sign: Pisces
//Chinese Zodiac Animal: Pig//Occupation: Actor.

Hobbies: Watch movies, Listen to music, Painting, Work-out, Badminton , Skilled horserider, photography of paysages. visiting art galleries.

 Fandom Name: Diamonds.   // Fandom Colour: Purple (his favorite color).
Agency: Xiaojing (Beijing) Film & Television Culture Media Co Ltd (Established in 2017)
Agent: Ms Huang Hui
Years Active: 2020 till Present and beyond !:D...

=> Deng Wei is the Main Male Brand Ambassador of Dior,China.

+  (AlsoSkinCeuticals/L'Oréal and many others).

As fashionable and creative person his modeling is very appriciated by photographers(Figaro Men,GQ,MEN's Uno,etc). He sew, re-sew some parts of suits, pants on his own way/Make up too! (TTEOM glittery blue   parts on eyes were his idea and doing :D).


Paul is Deng Wei's cat:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TV Dramas:

2020: Hua Fan Ye Mao (Ren Chao Hui)

2021: Miss The Dragon (Tian Gu Xing / Xue Qian Xun)
2021: I Am The Years. You Are The Stars (Qian Cheng)
2022: Sassy Beauty (Jie Ke)
2023: The Journey Of Chong Zi (Qin Ke)
2023: Till The End Of The Moon (Xiao Lin / Gongye Ji Wu / Sang You)

 2023: Lost You Forever (Tu Shan Jing / Ye She Qi) - Parts 1 & 2.

  -     : The Legend Of Rosy Clouds (Cha Shuo Xun)/vilain role:

  -     :  
A Tree In Shen Tai  (Su Yi Shui) => His first main role <3!


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wow such a superb starting first post...my eyes are already blessed....will check here everyday too...

Deng Wei in purple ...

 Winny Aye:

wow such a superb starting first post...my eyes are already blessed....will check here everyday too...

Winny! Welcome!

 Winny Aye:

Deng Wei in purple ...

Now you bless my eyes! :D

Did you make this one !?? <3


Winny! Welcome!

thank....that gif is classic ..love him...


Now you bless my eyes! :D

Did you make this one !?? <3

thanka so much....yes...think i will put my logo wa from now on...

 Winny Aye:

thanka so much....yes...think i will put my logo wa from now on...

On set today, going through his script :

Yes!!! Art is Art! <3

While we are still on first page, and not too far gone (:D)...Here is a compilation of his childhood pics, and some of his dance classes :

  Deng Wei was accidentally seriously injured during training and tore the ligament of his right leg, requiring immediate surgery. After treatment, the doctor judged that Deng Wei's injury was too serious and he might not be able to fully recover to his previous state, so he continued to engage in high-intensity dance training and performances. This was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Deng Wei. He had to suspend his dancing studies and go abroad to seek better rehabilitation. Modeling and acting doors opened..

              Deng Wei did not give up his dream. I really admire his optimism and tenacity.  

As on this pic from Till the End Of the Moon, he still loves to  make dancing movements , improvise with his body and feel like a Swan floating freely...

Yes yes it's him upside down with a grand-ecart!Back-flipping with wire, his body is perfectly aligned!

Link to a video that shows many more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1pYdsuEzpw&list=PLfjn0wvU8i0XzMmHpUOTEvBJIg92AtpwH&index=6&ab_channel=WEIBO

A last pic, one  from LYF where he's having fun dancing with his partner Yang Zi:

So carefull with those long flying legs!

In Ballet hand-movements too:


Cr.to owner.

Okay , now let's see how Deng Wei is seen by professionals! Here is a full interview of  Cui Tan - Cui Tan is a Performance Director in Film Industry.   

                           TRANSCRIPTION of CUI TAN's INTERVIEW  ON ACTOR DENG WEI :

Interviewer: Yesterday there was a Deng Wei, who has hit  and flow on the hot search. (What are your toughts about it?) 

-Cui Tan :  DW debuted 3 years ago & created a lot of various characters!. But as for wich one made people remember him deeply , and makes him burst in popularity: is the role of Tushan Jing!. 

In contrast, Deng Wei in his daily life who have great style, who has headbutted and flew at the scene (LYF celebration event)... who was even mistaken by his own team...

Also,  others have a lot of "black material" revealed...but he gets a lot of funny/ridiculous material dug up instead!!(laugh). 

=>Look carefully  at the role he created again....let's take TsJing as an exemple...This is a shy and coy fox :

...in the early episodes he treats his lover with so much gentleness in his eyes and trigering...That he , as an actor, IMERGE THE URGE, the kind of urge that STIMULATE your desire to protect him.  

(He did great!:p) This contrast with his every day reuters images is so big! !

C.TAN continuing: "In my latest video about Yang Zi I said this -> Among the 3 ML's in Lost You Forever, my favorite is Deng Wei.

Because his looks are very suitable for ancient costume drama, and I as a professor of performance and Director, I know from what type of role an actor can shape. (With )DW , It is clear at a glance!

Which is why he exploded in popularity in Lost Y Forever!

It's because, he found the right role for himself, and secondly, in those early episodes, as TushanJing, he has always been holding back!. So he has very few lines to say. 

like in this image:

and he needs to use his eyes and his body language. There are even times when he have to use a SUBBTLE breath to express the inner emotions of the character!. 

And he did it ALL!. Also in mid late episodes as XY/TSJ had some misunderstandings, he could there in a split of a second,...

need to express the helplesness of this character, or even urge to explain himself. 

And than facing his love rivals to show a kind of explosing power... 

To protect his own beloved.

And in fact, we have another performance, vocal, called =Performance Accuracy=

AND Deng Wei achieved this!

He has only debuted 3 years ago, been in 7 films (dramas), as so it can be said , he is a new actor with little experience - but - even so,facing the "old people" in the same crew (burst in laugh) ...Sorry Yang Zi for calling y old :p..!:

But, yes, he was able to catch up the acting thrown to him. 

I think in this C-ent industry we really lack of new actors like him.

-> Actors who continously strive to improve themselves, who can adapt even to experienced senior actors. 

He has just started shooting a new drama Xian Tai You Shu , and I've seen reuters photos of him with a little beard, so again it's a giant contrast with his current image!. As for what it will look on screen , I think it's all we just look foward seeing.

A good performance teacher never holds back on their praises for a good actor!.

Although he and I havent cooperated yet,  

I look really foward to having a deep cooperation with this little kid, Deng Wei one day!.



He added:

 *** Performance director Cui Tan posts a follow up video to respond to comments on his previous videos, subbed the parts on #DengWei - He comments that DW lacks any pretentiousness, and he comments that we can feel free to take his video commentary to throw it at haters.:D***

Link =>: https://twitter.com/i/status/1718477275816230994 

=> Director Wang Talks About Him too, link to full interview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI8FVR1Aikc&ab_channel=AlienMandarin

                                                                         Please he praise him so much too...

Have a good evening/day!

Wow this is so well done, so much time must have been spent on this. Thank you! 

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Wow this is so well done, so much time must have been spent on this. Thank you! 

Happy to have all your encouragements! <3!!!