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Moving korean drama review
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by SamSam
19 minutes ago
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.0

Too Much Going On...

Moving has a unique and refreshing storyline but there was something missing. It felt like it was trying to do and be so many things that ultimately, it felt underdeveloped. Firstly, there were too many flashbacks. It would’ve been great if the flashbacks ended with the parents, but no, they had to add background stories and flashbacks of MULTIPLE side characters. I get that these flashbacks are supposed to make me understand the characters better, but it left me feeling annoyed instead because it took away the focus from the original storyline (what even was the original plot anyway?) Secondly, the characters still felt underdeveloped even though it was a 20-episode drama; I wished they explored the kids’ characters more because they were the most intriguing to me. The only character that felt developed was Jang Ju-Won, but aside from him, Hee-soo, and Kang-hoon, the characters were either morally white and black or uninteresting. Moreover, there were so many plot points and they were pretty much left unresolved. Like, I’m so confused. Is there going to be a season 2?

Aside from these issues, it was an engaging watch. The action scenes went beyond my expectations; I was truly at the edge of my seat watching Jang Ju Won fight goons. The VFX/CGI were also really good, especially with the flying scenes. The romance was also a refreshing touch; the chemistry was amazing and they each had a different romance plot which was engaging to watch. There were also a few characters who stood out to me: Hee-soo and her dad, Kang-hoon and his dad. Their relationship as a family was heart-warming to watch, and I even cried at a couple of scenes. I wish I got to see more of them. The acting was good, but I would not say it’s stellar or Daesang-worthy. Some scenes tugged at my heartstrings, but nothing was so notable that it made me pause, rewind, and rewatch. It probably also has to do with there being so many characters and the overall underdevelopment of the main characters; there was just not that much scope for phenomenal acting, I think. Overall, Moving was a good, one-time watch.
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