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A Killer Paradox korean drama review
Ongoing 8/8
A Killer Paradox
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by susukam
26 minutes ago
8 of 8 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 6.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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Same issue with so many dramas, first episodes are great then it plummets in plot quality

I'm getting so annoyed with high-budget shows like this that just end up being too typical after the first three episodes. I was seriously hooked in the first couple of episodes, I felt like I was watching a thriller with new plot elements, and then it fell into a typical vigilante sort of story, which isn't bad per se. but when it repeats the same cliches (good people killing for justified reasons) I'd rather there be more depth somewhere else, and I found that it lacked a certain character depth to establish that. I did love the main character, and they built him up well, but everyone else around him felt so insufferable and flat, they weren't as well-rounded. Most of the background info, of the main antagonist (the cop) arises in the last episodes. They should have established the motives sooner. I also wished they played more into the bromance between our main character and Roh Bin, instead of killing him off and having him betray him, I wanted them to be more like brother who relied on each other when they had no one left to turn to, but of course the writing falls short in that relationship too.

To be honest I lost interest after the main villain appears, the previous 'hero' who turned rouge. After that point, it became a boring chase and lost its lustre. I'm getting so frustrated with kdramas becoming a disappointment after the first few episodes. They have phenomenal acting, cinematography, and music, only to ALWAYS fall short in writing. It's so annoying, they have the opportunity to make a well-rounded plot, yet choose to go the easier and safer route by not delving into more nuanced plots. It's always so predictable.

I do want to mention the cut scenes though, whoever the editor did an amazing job, they were so beautiful to watch. I wish I could find a drama that actually keeps up the initial pace they set in the first episodes.
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