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The Romance of Tiger and Rose chinese drama review
The Romance of Tiger and Rose
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by Juelin_Q
2 hours ago
24 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 3.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Music 2.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
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Not sure what it was

I'm not sure why this show has such high ratings. The story had no direction and the characters were unlikable. FL was spineless, whiny, had no motivation, and made incomprehensible choices over and over. ML just keept following her and trusting her after she repeatedly disappointed him and broke his heart, cuz reasons.

The first half was funny and even interesting. By episode 15, it became a directionless mess. Nobody communicated anything. Characters didn't stand up for themselves or their convictions. Qianqian just ran around doing random crap without any clear motivation. She loved him, but then she tried to set him up with someone else. And then, everyone was suddenly in love with her. Pei Heng showed up 20 times to "save" without her actually needing to be saved, and repeatedly got his ass kicked by Han Shuo. Chuchu became a villain for no reason and started doing absolutely obnoxious schit. It's ok for shows to be funny with no complicated plot. Not everything has to be deep. But, this was just painful. Thank god it only had 24 episodes.

I did like the ending. It was very sweet, reminded me of Fushigi Yugi.
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